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About Us

Local Transit Pty Ltd is a government-accredited commercial passenger vehicle company and bus operator in Melbourne. We provide demand-responsive and disability-inclusive transport solutions using a flexible fleet model of networked wheelchair accessible vehicles and professional drivers to deliver an array of services.

Local Transit is a social enterprise registered under Social Traders. Our vision is a Melbourne that is fully inclusive of all people who are physically, socially or economically disadvantaged or vulnerable – a city in which services and opportunities are equally accessible to all.

Our Values

Local Transit supports our drivers and puts our customers first, always trying to accommodate their requirements and limitations, especially those with restricted mobility, and never compromising service quality or safety.

Our values highlight this commitment.


Building trust within the community through understanding problems and finding solutions


Developing strategic partnerships and collaborations to increase reach and impact


Operating with transparency, dependability and excellence in all we do


Creating a supportive space for everyone to do their best

Our Unique Capabilities

Local Transit understands the transport problems in the Melbourne, especially those of people with restricted mobility and disability. We are committed to benefiting these people and the community at-large.

We offer demand-driven solutions and demand-responsive transport to address these problems across the entire Melbourne metropolitan area.

Our unique service delivery model operates as a network of compliant vehicles and accredited, professional, experienced drivers. This allows our flexible fleet of over 70 wheelchair-accessible, multi-purposed vehicles to offer an array of transport services that cater for the differing needs of our customers – in terms of scheduling, passenger capacity, destinations, and the ability to transport passengers with special needs. By ensuring that the majority of our fleet has wheelchair capacity, we add value for clients by providing disability-inclusive transport for groups.

Our focus on safety, quality and customer satisfaction governs all the services that we offer. By operating under strict policies and procedures, we take responsibility for ensuring the quality of services and the positive experience of all customers who we transport.  

The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of Local Transit in providing transport solutions to the community. 

Our Team

Our management team is lead by Local Transit’s founder and Managing Director, Ali Warsame, who has over 17 years of experience in the transport of people with disability in Melbourne; and includes a team of business development and administrative staff. 

Our Local Transit drivers’ network includes over 150 commercial passenger vehicle driversaccredited under the Commercial Passenger Vehicle of Victoria authority to drive a variety of vehicles. All drivers are trained, screened, and required to work under Local Transit’s strict policies and procedures. The majority of drivers, particularly those engaged on contracted projects, hold police clearances, working with children checks and Level 1 first-aid certificates. 

Our Fleet Network

As a social enterprise, we believe in pooling our resources, sharing information and supporting each other and the community. Therefore, Local Transit has established a unique network of responsible, accredited drivers and multi-purpose, wheelchair accessible passenger transport vehicles. 

Local Transit’s fleet network includes accredited buses, mini-buses and maxi cabs the majority of which are wheelchair accessible 10-seater and 22-seaters vehicles. Our network also includes a number of non-wheelchair accessible vehicles, such as 54-seater buses, SUVs and sedans.

Geographical Coverage

Local Transit serves the entire Melbourne metropolitan area through its wide network of affiliated drivers and vehicles. All drivers are linked through driver’s apps for efficient and timely communication and dispatch. Bookings can be made to transport passengers to regional Victoria as well as within metropolitan Melbourne.

We have achieved a great deal in a few short years. Learn more about our achievements here.
Please contact us for more information, including our Capability Statement and Annual Report.

Accreditations and Affiliations

Registered Social Trader

Booking Service Provider with the Commercial Passenger
Vehicles Victoria – No. A269414

Bus accreditation with Bus Safety Victoria – No. AO008340

BusVic membership