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Welcome to
Local Transit Co.

Transform Your Transportation Needs with Local Transit Co.

Are you seeking reliable transportation solutions?
Local Transit Co. offers tailored services to meet your needs:

  • Regular shuttles for staff, clients, or students
  • Public transport links and feeder routes
  • Event and disruption shuttles
  • Special needs transportation, fully compliant with DDA/ADA standards.

Local Transit Pty Ltd is an accredited commercial passenger vehicle company and bus operator that provides demand-responsive and disability-inclusive transport solutions throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Operating under a social enterprise business model, we work to benefit the community, particularly by providing work opportunities to migrant and refugee drivers and offering a range of transport solutions for people with restricted mobility, especially those who are disabled and the elderly.

We understand the transport problems faced in Melbourne and work to offer appropriate solutions that are affordable, efficient, accessible, inclusive and fully compliant with government safety standards.

We believe in:

  • Offering quality, dependable services designed to meet passenger needs;
  • Thinking outside the box to offer innovative and flexible transport solutions;
  • Forming strategic partnerships to increase reach and impact; and
  • Building trust and benefiting the community.

Why Choose Local Transit Co.?

Focus on Your Core Business

Outsource your transportation needs and focus on what matters most. We’re accredited with Save Transport Victoria and NDIS registered, ensuring highly experienced services.

Community-Focused Solutions

Collaborate with us to align services with your organizational goals and community values.


Stay informed with detailed impact reports showcasing your contribution to empowering underserved communities.

Social Procurement

Partner with us to amplify your organization’s social impact.

Budget-Friendly Solutions for Maximum Impact

Benefit from competitively priced solutions that prioritize quality and community benefits.

    Driving Social Change in Melbourne

    At Local Transit Co., we move communities forward. Our services support local communities and create positive social impact.

      One reliable company offering multiple on-demand disability-inclusive services


      Accessible Transport

      Specialized wheelchair-accessible transport for people with restricted mobility, disability organizations, aged care facilities and specialist schools

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      Point-to-point transport in inclusive maxi cabs and small buses for group tours, conference or event pickup and drop off, and airport, hotel and airline crew transfers

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      courier & parcel

      For all your courier and parcel booking inquires please visit




      Local Transit Co is your premier provider of inclusive SHUTTLE BUS services for Public Transport Networks & Seaports. Whether you need to replace a disrupted service or integrate an accessible option, our fully DDA/ADA compliant fleet, available in all sizes

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      Explore Local Transit’s flexible Corporate Shuttle Bus Service—available On-Demand or for Long-Term Scheduling—ideal for universities, hospitals, or as a courtesy shuttle bus transportation option for your guests

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      Community Impact

      In the 2020-2021 Financial Year, Local Transit benefited the community:

      Wheelchair-accessible maxi cab drivers joined Local Transit’s network

      New drivers contracted and trained for projects

      Formal training courses for 60 drivers

      Drivers provided with on the job training

      Essential deliveries to vulnerable families during covid restrictions

      What People Say About Local Transit

      “I used this service ….. for a client of mine from the States…….. the service was exceptional, the driver was very polite and knowledgeable, and the cost was reasonable. At one point, the driver waited for 45 minutes without additional charge. I would recommend this service, particularly for persons with wheelchair accessible needs.”

      Britney Simpson, person with a disability

      I benefited from working with Local Transit during the covid restrictions with financial benefits, moral support, feeling united and as part of a community through good communication and information, especially about covid-19

      Deeq, Local Transit Driver

      “Thanks to the team for delivering a great service for our passengers. The data you have collated and presented is so valuable for us in being able to plan for future occupations, thank you”

      Christiaane, Government Client

      “When I have my wheelchair bound customer in my wheelchair-accessible vehicle, I feel they are more important than the Australian Prime Minister. I feel I am doing something that is important for the community. It’s a job that you don’t only do for the dollar value and that is what I tell my peers.”

      Kayser, Local Transit Driver

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