Group Transport

Reliable & Affordable

Local Transit offers safe, reliable and affordable transport for groups of up to 54 passengers for:

  • Transfers, including to and from Melbourne airport
  • Tours
  • Bus charter
  • Regular trips to a range of destinations (Taxi Bus Service)
  • Sports events

Taxi Bus Service

This service provides transportation for community groups, schools, age care facilities, disability services and other organisations who require regular services or shared services to and from one or multiple locations to/from a particular destination.

All vehicles on these services are wheelchair accessible, and the drivers are trained to transport wheelchair-bound customers and people with disability.

Taxi Bus services offer group travel to common destinations providing a cost-effective alternative means of travel to work, school, sporting events, or community activities, family and other social outings.

Taxi bus services may be booked as one-off trips or regular scheduled services.

Fare reductions are available for:

  • Pre-booked, multiple passenger and group bookings,
  • Regular scheduled routes,
  • Corporate customers.

Ride Sharing

Where several people wish to travel to a common destination, sharing a vehicle provides a cost-effective alternative means of transport.

Local Transit links customers travelling in the same direction or to the same geographical location by partnering with vehicle pooling technologies. This type of service provides passengers who are willing to share the ride with considerable fare savings.


We specialise in transfers for groups of 5 to 54 passengers, such as:

  • Travellers to and from Melbourne International Airport and other smaller airports in Melbourne
  • Airline crew transfer to and from their hotels
  • City hotel transfers
  • Families and groups of friends for social outings, sporting and cultural events
  • Groups of colleagues to and from conference venues

Our professional and friendly Melbourne drivers will look after your family or group from the moment they enter the vehicle to the time they disembark and wave goodbye, ensuring that your group enjoys a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable transfer experience.


    Local Transit offers disability inclusive tours for groups to all destinations in the Melbourne metropolitan area and all popular destinations in regional Victoria.

    Vehicles include wheelchair accessible vehicles in 10 to 25-seater buses, and non-accessible buses with 54 seats. A guide will accompany the driver for tours and excursions as required.   

    Our professional and friendly team will look after your family or group of friends or colleagues from the moment they board the vehicle, throughout the tour, and right up until all happy passengers disembark at the end of the tour. 

    Bus Charters

    Fully accredited buses (10-54 seats) can be chartered for any occasion, including for school excursions, throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. Some of the buses are wheelchair accessible. 

    Our reliable, accredited, professional drivers all have many years of experience transporting people in the commercial passenger industry in Melbourne. Our drivers are professionally trained and take full responsibility for the comfortable and safe transport of all their passengers by following our company’s strict operating procedures. All drivers are endorsed by the Department of Transport and specifically trained to transport wheelchairs and other mobility devices. They hold Police Clearances, Working with Children Checks, and Level 1 First-Aid Certificates.

    All our drivers are trained to deliver the NIDS if required. This is particularly useful for medical appointments and community outings.

    Local Transit follows strict Covid safety procedures. All vehicles are disinfected after each passenger trip. Each vehicle is equipped with hand sanitizer and garbage bins, as well as gloves and masks. QR codes are available for digital contact tracing in all vehicles. Drivers have been trained in hygiene and covid-safety procedures and follow our compliant protocols.

    Local Transit is fully accredited and safety-compliant with the Victoria Department of Transport for commercial passenger vehicle and bus operations. All vehicles have comprehensive insurance and are covered by public liability insurance. The company has experience with managing contracts from government and private sector agencies.

    For inquiries regarding our group transport services, please call or complete the contact form below, and a friendly staff member will respond.