Our Services


Accessible Transport

Specialized wheelchair-accessible transport for people with restricted mobility, disability organizations, aged care facilities and specialist schools

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Point-to-point transport in inclusive maxi cabs and small buses for group tours, conference or event pickup and drop off, and airport, hotel and airline crew transfers

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On-call, door-to-door passenger bookings and delivery of goods in sedans and maxi cabs anywhere in Melbourne seven
days a week

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Facilitating the increased use of accessible public transport by people with disability by offering first and last leg transport, confidence-building initiatives, and public transport trials

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Flexible, scheduled or standby on-demand shuttle services to and from the airport or other destinations throughout Melbourne

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fleet cleaning

Our team of trained mobile cleaners comes to your location anywhere in the Melbourne metro area to disinfect your vehicles

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Safe, Reliable and Affordable

Local Transit offers a full range of transport services to meet the needs of individual, group, corporate and government customers. Services are inclusive of wheelchair access.

Safety is our highest priority. Our vehicles and drivers are fully accredited. Local Transit is compliant with the Victoria Department of Transport for commercial passenger vehicle and bus operations, and holds all required insurances.

Our reliable drivers all have many years of experience transporting people in the commercial passenger industry in Melbourne. They are professionally trained and take full responsibility for the comfortable and safe transport of all their passengers by following our company’s strict operating procedures.

All drivers are endorsed by the Department of Transport to transport wheelchairs and other mobility devices. They are able to assist passengers door to door, if needed, and can provide carer assistance, which is covered under NDIS.

Local Transit follows strict Covid safety procedures. All vehicles are disinfected after each passenger trip. Each vehicle is equipped with QR codes, hand sanitizer and garbage bins, as well as gloves and masks. Drivers have been trained in hygiene and covid-safety procedures and follow our compliant protocols.