Shuttle Services

Cost-Effective, On-Demand

Local Transit offers any type of shuttle service that you require. We use state-of-the art apps and unique methods of data collection to respond to efficiently demand and to provide cost-effective, versatile options that cater for different numbers of passengers, disability inclusion, distances, time frames and a range of other client requirements. 

Examples of the types of services that we offer include:

  • Dynamic on-demand airport shuttles, which offer shared transport options with affordable prices automatically adjusted with each passenger joining the trip and each distance sector covered
  • Stand-by shuttle buses for conferences and events that run whenever there is a demand

  • Scheduled shuttle bus services for staff or airline crew transfers, transfers from parking stations to service hubs such as hospitals, and similar scenarios.
  • Shuttle buses for transport and pedestrian disruptions – recently Local Transit has been providing several of these shuttles for short and long periods to move pedestrians around bridge construction works, rail track upgrades, and traffic disruptions from level crossing removals

    Airport Shuttles Made Easy

    One of our shuttle offerings provides transport to and from Melbourne Airport.

    Our airport shuttle offers the lowest priced and fastest airport transport option in the market. Passengers can book a trip to or from the airport for their required time.

    Convenience as well as a comfortable and reliable experience are guaranteed through an app that effectively combines passengers wishing to travel at similar time to or from the same sector to or from Melbourne International Airport.

    A flexible fleet serves as the airport shuttle with available vehicles being allocated to passengers requesting the shuttle service at a given time.

    Our reliable, accredited, professional drivers all have many years of experience transporting people in the commercial passenger industry in Melbourne. Our drivers are professionally trained and take full responsibility for the comfortable and safe transport of all their passengers by following our company’s strict operating procedures. All drivers are endorsed by the Department of Transport and specifically trained to transport wheelchairs and other mobility devices. They hold Police Clearances, Working with Children Checks, and Level 1 First-Aid Certificates.

    All our drivers are trained to deliver the NIDS if required. This is particularly useful for medical appointments and community outings.

    Local Transit follows strict Covid safety procedures. All vehicles are disinfected after each passenger trip. Each vehicle is equipped with hand sanitizer and garbage bins, as well as gloves and masks. QR codes are available for digital contact tracing in all vehicles. Drivers have been trained in hygiene and covid-safety procedures and follow our compliant protocols.

    Local Transit is fully accredited and safety-compliant with the Victoria Department of Transport for commercial passenger vehicle and bus operations. All vehicles have comprehensive insurance and are covered by public liability insurance. The company has experience with managing contracts from government and private sector agencies.

    For inquiries about our shuttle bus offerings, please call or complete the contact form below, and a friendly staff member will respond.